Just under two weeks ago it was my 60th birthday. My five wonderful children presented me with two tickets for a weekend at Silverstone to watch the British Grand Prix. All my life I have followed Formula 1 racing but I had never seen one in real life. What a wonderful surprise.

A few days before my 60th birthday I travelled down to Hampshire to collect my elderly parents who were to stay with us for a week. We already have my wife’s mum living with us permanently. She has cancer, heart failure and two slow-growing brain tumours. My mum has vision problems due to Glaucoma and my dad can hardly walk due to arthritis. It was great to see my parents that week but it was hard work and very emotional. I got no writing done. I got no work on my PhD done.

Taking them back home a week later and some random lorry dropped a block of wood on the motorway in front of us. I could not avoid it and the wood damaged my new campervan quite badly. This was just days before I was to take the campervan to Silverstone. I frantically tried to patch the campervan up so I could use it. I managed that. Me and my son went to Silverstone and had a fantastic weekend watching Lewis Hamilton win the British Grand Prix for the sixth time. I got no writing done. I got no work on my PhD done.

Now I need to get the campervan ready for our annual holiday in less than two weeks’ time. This will mean spending hours in a garage while repair work is carried out. This year we are touring Switzerland and France. I also need to make sure my mother-in-law is able to be safe and happy on her own for two weeks and set up the necessary procedures for that. I will get no writing done. I will get no work on my PhD done.

I am not complaining. Life is good – very good. We have started going to Church again after several years of making excuses not to. Going back was easier than we thought. Both my wife and I continue to have issues with Christian doctrine. Our true spiritual natures seem to exist somewhere between Christianity and Buddhism – and the great outdoors.

I want to write now more than I have ever done. I need to find the time in my busy schedule, to sit at my desk and create stories. It takes time and a certain peace of mind, to write worthwhile content. Somehow, writing fiction – or nonfiction – helps establish a better understanding of the world. Writing narrative helps me better understand the meaning behind the chaos. It is the human task maybe, to work with the Infinite in creating the best life-story possible for all of creation.

The mind can drown in activity and distraction. I wonder how many great texts were never written because of the constant call from all those to-do lists, duties, holidays and hobbies. I am not complaining. Life is good. But I would like to write more. I would like to have the time I need to do my PhD properly. What I really need is to get organised. Or is that just another distracting task I have given myself?